First Place

New York Transportation Statistical Insights

Andrei Ionut Dumitrache
22 | United Kingdom | Economics

Second Place

Interactive Visualizations for Chicago ‘L’ Station Ridership

Jelena Hui Ling Neo

22 | Singapore | Computer Engineering


Interactive Visualization of the Concentrations of gaseous Pollutants in Taiwan

Boris Sandor

25 | Austria | Applied Mechanics

Best IoT Data Application Award

Future with Data Visualization

Dominic Lovell

25 | Poland | Biomedical Engineering

Terbine Creativity Award

Smart Carbon Dioxide Reducer

Wei Jie Lim

20 | Malaysia | Electrical Engineering

IoT Data Ingenuity Award

The Modeling For Predict The Vehicle Count In Rhode Island

Musthofa Syarifudin

19 | Indonesia | Mathematics