Future with Data Visualization

Dominic Lovell

25 | Poland | Biomedical Engineering


The project that I am submitting has 3 main parts. First part was Data Visualization, Correlation and insights on data about Precipitation, Temperature and Vehicle Count collected in Georgia, United States. The second part was using A.I. for future planning in the most optimal way, the software used in this part was ACL, inspiration was taken from Bicycle Count and Parking Spot/Open Field datasets, they weren’t necessary for the implementation of the code because it runs on actions. It also shows how this planning language can be used to portray and forecast best routes to be created for future cities or for current city restorations. In the final part of the project a Word Document was written showing how data being collected on a daily basis can give information on how to protect ourselves tomorrow and how it can be used for better protocols and safety regulations.


My name is Dominic Lovell from Blackpool England, I am a student at Silesian University of Technology in Poland, I am studying Biomedical Engineering, in my second year, I previously studied Microbiology for 2 years in Greece and am looking forward to any new challenges. I love learning and can see myself in Data Science or Data Analysis in the future, but who knows what is in store for them? I decided to join the competion as i love a challenge, I enjoy research, learning new things and am not afraid of hard work, all of this can not be depicted in a video and I hope you take my work seriously.


Bicycle Counts / Douglas Trail, Rochester, Minnesota, United States / 2018

Rental Bicycle Trips / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2018

Vehicle Counts / I-85, Braselton, Jackson County, Georgia, United States / 2016

Precipitation / Echeconnee Creek, Byron, Georgia, United States / 2016

Water Temperature / Strait of Georgia, Cherry Point, Washington, United States / 2016

Wind Speed / Ireland Coastal Waters, Celtic Sea, Atlantic Ocean / 2018

Relative Humidity / Ireland Coastal Waters, Celtic Sea, Atlantic Ocean / 2018